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8 years ago
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8 years ago
We haven't managed to get @font-face working on OS/2. Strategy would be to go through the Thebes code to determine how that is done on Linux (so how gfxPangoFonts and/or gfxFT2Fonts are tied to gfxUserFontSet) and add similar code for OS/2 (in gfxOS2Fonts).

In the past I thought that we would need to change the FontConfig port that we use but I think it now works differently on Linux (not going through FC).

(I mark this bug as major as this is the main FF 3.5 feature that we don't support yet.)

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8 years ago
I'm working on it...

Comment 2

8 years ago
I worked on this for a while, copying Linux code I didn't understand into OS/2 code I didn't understand.  I got to to compile OK but never got it to work.  Peter, since you're the only one who knows the font code, I don't think @font-face will happen without your involvement.

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8 years ago
I guess that means we'll never get it implemented. My time is so limited right now (and I don't see that changing for the better any time soon) that I fear I will never look at this code again.
But then, I haven't heard any strong complaints from OS/2 users yet (as opposed to printing support), so I don't think this is so urgent anyway.

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8 years ago
At some point I posted this to the newsgroup:

   I don't think downloaded fonts should be added to the configuration[1].
   In principle, all that should be needed is to FT_New_Memory_Face() the
   font from some cache location in RAM. Like here
   in CreateFontEntry() (or NewFontEntry() for PangoFonts) which I believe
   is then used in the platform's LookupLocalFont() or MakePlatformFont(). 

   [1] I meant: the configuration created by the FontConfig OS/2 port (part
       of mzfntcfgft).

I have no idea if this is still relevant, but I thought I should add this here, for reference.

Comment 5

6 years ago
Opera has some nice testcases; most of them work with Gecko on Win32.

Comment 6

2 years ago
Going the Pango route for font display allows @font-face to work
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