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Mercurial release automation should be able to do final release tagging


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When we do a final release, as we're about to for 3.5, we need to tag the latest _RELEASE changeset with a final tag as well. Eg, FIREFOX_3_5rc3_RELEASE and FIREFOX_3_5_RELEASE will point to the same changeset soon. We can do this with a bit of hackery currently but because we have to tag en-US + all locales we really need to able to do this in a better way.
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This should be made easier when tagging is moved to an external script, in bug 508896.
Depends on: 508896
This didn't turn out as clean as I wanted, but it does the job. We don't use a plain two octet version for anything except final releases at this time (RCs use version=4.0rc1, appVersion=4.0), so I believe this is safe.

When we come to final tagging of 4.0, I expect us to be using the following in the config:
sourceRepoRevision = (changeset of final RC)
relbranchOverride = (relbranch of final RC)
baseTag = FIREFOX_4_0
version = 4.0
appVersion = 4.0
skip_build = 1

...and then kick off the automation as normal, which will then run tag, source, and xulrunner_source.

I also toyed around with having a flag passed that controlled final tagging behaviour, but I didn't go with that for a couple of reasons. We'd have to either:
- Decide in Buildbot that we want to pass it (forces us to reconfig for final tagging) or decide in (which would be messy, and not the right place IMHO)
- Use a separate Builder for it, which seems unnecessarily burdensome, and would require us to fire Source separately or have a final-release specific source builder.
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add final tagging support to

>+# If version is two octects with no trailing specifiers like "rc", we
>+# consider it a "final" release for which we only create a _RELEASE tag.
>+FINAL_RELEASE_REGEX = "^\d+\.\d+$"

Small typo of "octet" there....and I'm not sure that octet is the right term for these?

>+def isFinalRelease(version):
>+    # "not not" is used to avoid returning a match object
>+    return not not re.match(FINAL_RELEASE_REGEX, version)

Would bool(re.match(...)) work?

r+ either way here
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Carrying forward r+
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address catlee's review comments

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