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Inconsistent layout with <select style="display: table-caption">


(Core :: Layout: Tables, defect)

Not set




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Based on layout/base/crashtests/341858-1.html
FWIW: On my machine, a normal reload will make the testcase render correctly (i.e. it'll match the reference).  A full reload (with 'shift' key) will make the testcase go back to its buggy rendering.

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I noticed that too.  My guess is that form history is triggering a reflow on a normal reload.
smells like nsCSSFrameConstructor::IsValidSibling
Jesse is the sibling action required or would that also work when modifying the span directly?
I can't get the same thing to happen by modifying the span.
OK, I can reproduce the bug with 2009-06-24 but not with 2009-06-23.

Regression range:

Probably bug 495385.
Blocks: 495385
Ah, yes.  With that patch, the behavior is the same as if you were inserting the textnode there instead of just changing the text.  You should be able to reproduce the bug by doing that even in builds before roc landed.

Bernd, we really need a better solution for the caption thing....
> Bernd, we really need a better solution for the caption thing....
yep, that is after BC, which means ETA Q1-Q2 2010
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