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[Tracking] netapp-a/b firmware upgrades


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(Whiteboard: 04/17/2010 @ 2pm PDT)


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Assignee: server-ops → aravind
Whiteboard: [december]
Component: Server Operations → Server Operations: Projects
Need to start planning.
Component: Server Operations: Projects → Server Operations
Flags: needs-downtime+
Summary: [Tracking] NetApp firmware upgrades → [Tracking] netapp-a/b firmware upgrades
Whiteboard: [december] → 01/02/2010 ?
Group: infra
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I'd like to schedule this for Jan 2'nd.  Will look at the list of mounts and will let folks know what will be impacted.
Whiteboard: 01/02/2010 ? → 03/06/2010
have we really been trying to plan this for 6 months...? wow.
Component: Server Operations → Server Operations: Projects
Whiteboard: 03/06/2010 → 04/17/2010 @ 2pm
Date's confirmed, will educating around downtime.
Whiteboard: 04/17/2010 @ 2pm → 04/17/2010 @ 2pm PST
Whiteboard: 04/17/2010 @ 2pm PST → 04/17/2010 @ 2pm PDT
In this downtime, approx how long will you need for the netapp upgrades? 

(Whatever time is needed is fine; I ask because I'm trying to calc how long the overall tree closure will need to be. RelEng will need to keep the trees closed for a couple of hours afterward netapp work is done, while we spin all build/test/perf systems back up to speed.)
We would like a 3 hour window (from start to stop), before we declare the exports and iscsi shares to be functional.  So the downtime starts at 2:00 PM, we should be done by 5:00 PM.  Does that answer your question?  If you need more information, let me know.
Component: Server Operations: Projects → Server Operations
The IT upgrade work completed on schedule by 5pm. I'm now verifying RelEng systems are ok before reopening tree.
vm's should be back online.  let me know if i missed anything.
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