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NS_LITERAL_STRING should use u"" when available


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Right now NS_LITERAL_STRING's only option for compiler support for wide strings is with L"".  However, C++0x has u"", u'', and char16_t, which are UTF-16 strings.  (It also has U"", U'', and char32_t for UTF-32.)

This is probably a better option for us, once it's available, since it doesn't require us to use -fshort-wchar.

So I'm attaching a patch that makes us use char16_t in preference to wchar_t when char16_t is available.  If char16_t is available, we still do the configure test for whether wchar_t is 2-byte by default, but we don't try -fshort-wchar if it's not.

I tested this using gcc 4.4 with -std=gnu++0x in CXXFLAGS, and it produces a working Firefox that uses u"" strings for NS_LITERAL_STRING.  (I also needed some fixes for one new compiler error that that flag enables.)

For more information on char16_t, see:
and for gcc support see:
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> (I also needed
> some fixes for one new compiler error that that flag enables.)

... which are now in bug 502301.
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>diff --git a/js/src/ b/js/src/

We don't need any of these wide-string configure checks in the JS configure... please either leave it alone or remove them entirely.
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(removed the checks from the JS
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