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jstracer.cpp creates ill-typed LIR: i2f (i2f (arg)) and variants thereof


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TM branch, x86-linux build.  Basically jstracer.cpp creates 
LIR_i2f applied to non-int32 args; 64-bit float and quad args
have been observed.

The reason this doesn't cause havoc is because, in all such cases,
the outer (or, in general, ill-typed) application of i2f is dead,
and so DeadCodeFilter later in the pipeline removes it.

I have no idea if this is merely a harmless bug or whether it
signifies something more serious.  However, it would be good to
remove it, since it produces what amount to false-positives in 
in-progress work on LIR typechecking.

How to repro: take a debug build of jsshell, do:

TMFLAGS=minimal,readlir ./BuildD/js -j ./trace-test.js

and search for "i2f 0:0" in the output.  This is i2f being
applied to a 64-bit constant, when the arg should be 32-bit int.

Finding an easily reproduced case for i2f (i2f (arg)) is not
so easy; still in progress.

Reproducible: Always
Gross. Nice catch.
Attached file test case
This happens when a loop wants a double at the edge, but there's a promoteInt instead. We insert i2f, despite the fact that a promoteInt is always a quad in LIR. This works because writeBack() will ::demote and strip away the redundant i2f, and the erroneous i2f will die.

Attached is a trace-tests case which emits such weird LIR.

This is a lot easier to fix against the patch in bug 497948 but I think I can hack it into the old code as well.
(In reply to comment #2)
> test case


xxx     0xf7f982d0 i2f3 = i2f add1
xxx     0xf7f98bb0 i2f4 = i2f i2f3
LirChecker: for argument 1 of the node
   i2f4 = i2f i2f3
   type error: can't reconcile Flt64 with Int32
Attached patch hacky fix (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Here is a hacky fix.  I added an assert which did not hit in trace-tests.
Any better idea how to fix this?
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