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17:38 < timr> All these these things and numbers I was talking about above were called "projects" and then isn't an obvious way for a use to tall the differense between requested in 
              mozilla-qa-community and official in projects/category/test 
17:39 < timr> Some of the projects in mozilla-qa-community appear in projects/category/test and some don't
17:39 < timr> This is really confusing 
17:40 < timr> (not blaming you, just trying to understand)
17:40 < Tomcat> hm i see this more that projects are integrated into forums and so projects are not a static thing
17:40 < timr> (and make sure I am not missing something)
17:40 < Tomcat> and well, i think there was never the thought of having a count/metrix of projects i guess :)
17:41 < Tomcat> you might be first one who counts the projects :)
17:41 < timr> i actually don't care about the counts and metrics
17:42 < timr> I just see confusing lists that don't match
17:42 < timr> a projects appears one place and not the other
17:42 < timr> for no obvious reason
17:42 < Tomcat> yeah because the one is the projects area and the other the forum
17:42 < Tomcat> i mean what we can do 
17:42 < Tomcat> we could rename the forum
17:43 < Tomcat> to project-discussion
17:43 < timr> As far as you know, is the only way to see all official projects is by looking at Test, Code, Bugs, Data lists?
17:43 < Tomcat> instead of just project
17:43 < Tomcat> timr: yes
17:43 < timr> one more question...
17:43 < timr> Is this ...
17:44 < timr> mean as a discussion of any project. official or proposed?
17:45 < Tomcat> any project official/proposed 
17:45 -!- davida [] has joined #qa
17:46 < Tomcat> timr: i have also renamed the forum now to project-discussion 
17:46 < Tomcat> because i agree "projects" was a little to confusing :)

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9 years ago
done, fixed/renamed.

Thanks Tim !
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