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Allow non-mozilla central applications to use


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Not set


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I am trying to hook up a new makefile driver test harness (at least initially) for Thunderbird. As part of that I want to use - which means the best way is for me to include

Unfortunately is using $(topsrcdir) which means I can't include it. As it is always used after, we can swap it to use $(MOZILLA_DIR) which will point to the mozilla source directory whether in the mozilla-central or comm-central build systems.

Trunk and branch are a bit different so I'll attach a patch for branch in a bit.
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> Trunk patch

Forgot to say, I ran this patch through try server with no problems.
Branch version of the patch.
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[checked in] Trunk patch

Checked into trunk:
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1.9.1 branch patch

Not 100% sure if I need approval of this or not, so requesting just in case.

This patch changes the file that generates so that it can be generated and used non-mozilla-central specific testing code.

Thunderbird wants this for some of its testing code.

AFAIK this code is only used in testing the trunk builders have been unaffected by the trunk version of the patch.
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1.9.1 branch patch

This is NPOTB, doesn't need approval from drivers.
What is the best/simplest way for QA to verify this for Firefox 3.5.2?
I guess all the test suites that use it are still running e.g. mochitest xpcshell etc etc (oh and that Thunderbird is able to run MozMill which uses it, which can be found here:, ignore the red/orange, there's some passed tests on there somewhere!).
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