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Run Maemo ARM builds and unit tests on TraceMonkey tree


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We need these to run on the TraceMonkey tree.
Some of the context of the IRC discussion; trying to get better coverage here as we polish the ARM JIT in anticipation of Fennec 1.0.

15:13 < joduinn> sayrer we could add new mobile builders to tracemonkey if you w
ant them. When we first setup the branch, that wasnt important at the time
15:13 <@shaver> joduinn: yeah, let's do that -- i think it wasn't an option when
 we set up the branch
15:13 <@sayrer> sounds good
15:13 < joduinn> sayrer can you file a bug, specifying which mobile builds you w
ant? Also, if you need unittests / talos, let us know
15:14 < joduinn> sayrer fyi: we're dealing with linux-arm, WinMo (phone) and Win
CE (netbook) ... and various build types on each of those platforms
15:15 <@sayrer> joduinn: going to start with what would have caught this one
15:16 < mfinkle> sayrer: linux-arm
Summary: Run Maemo Builds on TraceMonkey tree → Run Maemo ARM builds on TraceMonkey tree
Assignee: nobody → lsblakk
Summary: Run Maemo ARM builds on TraceMonkey tree → Run Maemo ARM builds and unit tests on TraceMonkey tree
This bug is a request for unittests, talos, and builds.
I've been disabling JIT on m-c talos runs since otherwise we would have gotten zero Tp data.  Do you want us to enable it for the TraceMonkey talos runs?
What bugs are remaining that block turning on JIT for Talos?  I only knew of the one, being the expedia one, for which we have a fix.  We should have JIT on everywhere, and well-owned bugs to resolve crashes that we see on any supported platform.
I'll file another one shortly.
It currently looks like
tested quickly on staging, builders created fine.
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let's make sure these builds are testing with the JIT on in all situations
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Enable maemo builds for Tracemonkey staging

Looks good
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Enable maemo builds for Tracemonkey production

looks good, but drop the enUS_binaryURL for this patch and the other one - it's only used for l10n builds.
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removed binaryURL
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removed binaryURL
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OS: Mac OS X → Linux (embedded)
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Enable maemo builds for Tracemonkey staging

changeset:   1350:03be40e5ef60
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Depends on: 506181
re-assigning to Aki who is going to get the unittests happening.
Assignee: lsblakk → aki
Ok, unittests and talos running on TraceMonkey.
I've disabled Tzoom and Tpan; bug 506181 tracks that.
Still watching + making any necessary tweaks and fixes, but it's there.

Note: we have a limited number of n810s, and they're slower than desktop test boxen, and they're stretched out over m-c and t-m right now. Expect a lot of build skips unless we decide to purchase a lot more.  (That decision is also affected by whether we keep working on the n810 or some other device.)

Marking fixed.
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Move Tracemonkey mobile build reporting to TraceMonkey tinderbox

changeset:   1376:d0b635b785af
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Product: → Release Engineering
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