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UTF8 to UTF16 conversion showing up in startup profiles


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All of our parsers are UTF16, but all of our files are UTF8.  The conversion is showing up between 5% and 8% in a warm startup profile.

There are a couple of ways to fix this, and we should look at all of them.

- Speed up UTF8 to UTF16 conversion.  This is straight C code now, and could probably be made much faster -- bug 506430

- Fastload XBL -- bug 94199 (?)

- Fastload CSS -- bug 196843
Depends on: 506430, 94199, 196843
Is it worth trying to make our chrome UTF16? That's probably easy to do at build-time, although you'll pay an I/O price...
Yeah, I thought about that... tried a quick hack using iconv, but that didn't work out too well.  It would probably help in the warm start case, but hurt in the IO-bound cold start case, but I'm just guessing there.
Blocks: 447581
Vlad, have you rerun these numbers since we fixed Bug 506430?
Nope, haven't touched this in a while.  It's worth a look.
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> Nope, haven't touched this in a while.  It's worth a look.

Did you ever take that look?
> Did you ever take that look?

Sounds like he didn't, and he now doesn't work for Mozilla.

Glandium might be interested in this bug, however.
I don't remember having spotted so much time spent on such conversions during warm startup when i looked some time in Q3 or Q4 2010 ; but I can surely take a look.
what about UTF8 parsers instead of UTF16?
I think this bug has outlived its usefulness.
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