l10n repackaging of fennec gets utterly confused by xulrunner



9 years ago
9 years ago


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9 years ago
I just realize that the repackaging that we're currently doing is still bound to standalone application mode, and doesn't even remotely deal with xulrunner.

Open issues, from trivial to hard:

- xulrunner en-US.jar and .manifest still in repackaged l10n build

That's easy to fix, just need to add the two files to clobber-zip. Not sure if the paths to xulrunner/chrome are in any way flexible, though.

- chrome:// locale files all in one ab-CD.jar.

That's not that bad for fennec itself, but any other xulrunner app relying on that xulrunner will die for the lack of localized chrome. At least as soon as we rip out en-US.jar and .manifest from there. If we don't rip those out, we get an en-US xulrunner

- dictionaries not localized.

No idea right now on how to fix that. Right now, we're not even looking at the right place to remove them.

- The default profile information is in xulrunner. AFAICT, twice, once in defaults/profile, and once in defaults/profile/US. No idea where the latter is coming from. Not too bad for the files we currently have in there,


but still.

Benjamin, this smells to me like we actually need to provide some means and answers on how to actually localize a xulrunner, instead of just the apps on top?
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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Sure... doesn't really matter to me how exactly you do that.
taras has been talking about making a single .jar file for performance reasons.  Something to keep in mind.

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9 years ago
He amended that to potentially one for xulrunner and one for fennec.

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9 years ago
I'm getting closer here as part of my work in the deb package bug 490482.

I started to just push an additional dictionary into the fennec package. Not a good idea yet how to do default bookmarks.

But so far, I didn't have to do anything with the xulrunner deb.

No idea on windows, that's not on my plate yet.

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9 years ago
As we're not doing xulrunner builds anymore, this is WORKSFORME.
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