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Need ABI defined for WinCE / WinMo


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Windows CE
Not set


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status1.9.2 --- beta1-fixed


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From readin others bugs it appears that no one has a good handle on what the ABI should be... me included. Even so, we still need this for app update and extension manager
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I think this should block
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Agree; essentially blocks update.

WINCE_arm-msvc sounds fine to me.  "arm" is a bit hairy since there are a bunch of variants there, but people with binary components for arm can do runtime detection.
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hmmm... perhaps the following would be better?

Since we don't support thumb currently we would require support for WINCE_armv6-msvc for now unless I'm mistaken.
No; I think "arm" is actually better, because there's really no sane way to describe the full instruction set.  The version isn't enough; it might or might not have VFP, might or might not have NEON, might or might not have WMMX, etc.  We know that we basically won't support anything below armv5, so that gives developers a base instruction set to target, and they can do runtime detection and use more specific code if appropriate.
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This should be all that is necessary. I'm going to compile / verify this before requesting review.
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patch rev1

Actually, both config.status files have s%@TARGET_XPCOM_ABI@%arm-msvc%g which is what we want so requesting review
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We should probably verify that this doesn't make us set an XPCOM ABI for Maemo builds, since AFAIK nobody has said that's defined yet.
I hope not, because Maemo isn't using msvc :)

(Note: on maemo, we need to make sure to include 'eabi' in the abi string... this is the new ARM caling convention, linux can use both, but all new-world stuff uses eabi.  So should be something like arm-eabi-gcc4)
If TARGET_COMPILER_ABI is defined then with this change the ABI will be defined for Maemo. I'll check if it is by sending it to the try server.
frig... can't do an xpcshell test to check this on the try server since xpcshell doesn't have the ABI set.
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Vlad, do we need eabi for WinCE as well?
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patch rev2

per Vlad arm-msvc shouldn't specify eabi
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Closed: 15 years ago
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Thanks Paul
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patch rev2

>+    if test "$OS_TARGET" == "WINCE"; then
>+        CPU_ARCH="$OS_TEST"
>+    fi
>+    ;;
> esac

This part doesn't appear to work. should be '='
I verified earlier that it did work. What specifically are you seeing that makes you think it doesn't work?
test == is not portable. test = is
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followup patch (pushed to mozilla-central)

*sigh*, sorry, I missed that. I hate shellscript.
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followup patch (pushed to mozilla-central)

Pushed to mozilla-central
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followup patch (pushed to mozilla-central)

Drivers, need this followup fix for portability on mozilla-1.9.2
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Attachment #394963 - Flags: approval1.9.2?
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followup patch (pushed to mozilla-central)

missed that this already has blocking
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(Cv1-CC) Copy it to comm-central
[Checkin: Comment 26]
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