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annoying and alarming behavior durning session restore when lots of tabs and windows were open in previous session


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

3.5 Branch
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spit off from bug 501995

 -------  Comment #7 From  webchick   2009-07-05 16:13:01 PDT  

Thanks, Simon.

Reading the discussion that led up to the change, I can understand the
rationale, and agree that it probably makes the most sense for the majority of
users. I will float a discussion on the newsgroup about adding some basic
sanity-checking to this default behaviour; maybe if # of windows + # of tabs >
20 (some configurable value), prompt the user regardless of what the
browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes variable is set to.

  -------  Comment #8 From  chris hofmann   2009-07-17 08:39:45 PDT   (-) [reply] -------      Private

I think a summary of the discussion came down to agreement that the current
settings and behavior is just fine for the case where there are few tabs or
windows,  but it is not as precise as it needs to be for the case where many
tabs and windows are open at the time of last crash.  Under those conditions
start up after a crash or problem is quite jarring and the user is pretty much
out of control.   Boriss suggested this affects "power users", but I'd suggest
having a lot of tabs and windows open is a function of length of browsing
session and not tied to any particular skill level.

Let's leave the current behavior as is, but just add a check that looks
something like this

if  (more than ALOT_OF_TABS or ALOT_OF_WINDOWS were opened on last crash)
// restoration will be a circus
  show more session restore choices

next is to figure out the definition of a lot of tabs and a lot of windows.

I'd suggest more than 5 tabs and more than 3 or 4 windows is a lot.  other
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