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Windows 7
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9 years ago
Windows 7 has a feature which pops a window directing you to an application's support resources when an application fails.  We should give them a URL for it that redirects to the home page so we can take advantage of this and point them to customized resources in the future (as well as tracking how many users are coming via that route for metrics).  We should also make sure that they don't call it support forums (we have so much more than that).

This bug is just to come up with a special URL schema for windows7 like we do for inproduct: or something (ideas?).

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9 years ago
bumping severity because once Windows 7 ships, we'll lose the ability to change it easily.
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9 years ago
OS: Linux → Windows 7
I'll report this to them as soon as we have details on where we should send users. Note that this is likely web-based content they can update at will and not content that ships with Windows 7.

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9 years ago
Should probably start with /1/ like all our other redirects, e.g.

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9 years ago
Any update on this as Windows 7 is now live.

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9 years ago
Most likely something wanted for 3.6 final and it's getting closer to that time.
Flags: blocking-firefox3.6?
Where should this redirect go? (I'm assuming we'll use the URL from comment 3.)

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9 years ago
To the inproduct start page for now but we can redirect it in the future for A/B tests


9 years ago
Assignee: nobody → paulc
Target Milestone: --- → 1.5

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9 years ago
We probably need to consider the locale, so url in comment 3 should be adjusted. The format for other redirects we have is:<helptopic>/
(e.g. my Linux F1 key: http://sumo/1/firefox/3.5.4/Linux/en-US/firefox-f1)

So how about:
I don't think this blocks Firefox 3.6; it should be done ASAP since Windows 7 is out there.

Paul: the substitution method is what we use to format URLs in Firefox. From what I understand we need to provide a URL to Microsoft which they'll associate with the application executable name on their server-side.
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9 years ago is good -- we'll detect the locale from the browser if needed.  Can we get an htaccess patch to redirect that to the appropriate place and when that's pushed, we can contact microsoft to get it in windows.

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9 years ago
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9 years ago
I think runs automatically now, so this should show up soon. Stephen/QA: if it doesn't seem to be working tomorrow, please let me or James know, so we can file an IT request.
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So, testcases are:

* Load using |en-US| and have it redirect to
* Load using |de| and have it redirect to

Correct?  Any other special locales I should test?  (Vishal, please also include this in your Selenium RC test, thanks!)

If so, verified.
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In-litmus (tentative) up at:  I'll fix them (as needed), pending comment 15.
Verified FIXED.
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