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Tooltips are not displayed when moving the pointer using touch


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Windows 7
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When we tap on the screen on an element that has a tooltip (e.g. a image with alt text), the tooltip is not displayed, so there's no way to see tooltips using touch, only mouse movements.

The problem is that a tap on the screen generates a mousemove and a mousedown, and a mousedown clears the tooltip timer here:
This patch does the trick. It changes the behavior though that a mouse click won't prevent a tooltip from being displaying. I don't know if this was intended behavior or just not, so I hope someone can chip in.

(Note that the patch does not take away the behavior of hiding the tooltip on a mouse click; it just changes that when the tooltip hasn't been displayed yet, a mousedown won't kill the timer)
Blocks: 548100
Component: XP Toolkit/Widgets: Menus → XUL
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