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When MobWrite is restarted, data is lost


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(Reporter: ben, Assigned: jwalker)


Dion and I were collaborating on a document when it appears Kevin's daemon auto-restarted the deadlocked mobwrite.

i immediately lost the contents of the files I was collaborating on with dion. i had saved frequently, so i could retrieve the contents by turning collaboration off and then reloading the file, and then copying this to the clipboard, turning collaboration on (which caused the contents to disappear), and then pasting it in.

this should be fixed such that restarting mobwrite causes no loss of data for the user.
Summary: When collaboration crashes, data is lost → When MobWrite is restarted, data is lost
Severity: enhancement → blocker
It's very hard to resurrect the data about the state of the connected clients, when you have nothing to go on in the server. To each client, a difference between the server state and it's state could either be a local change, or a change reflected from another client.

It might be possible to have an n-way diffing algorithm that collects client state during an initial re-sync phase, and when each client has had a chance to deliver it's state, then diffing and re-starting.

On the other hand we could set the editor to read-only when the server isn't there.
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
so what was the solution you implemented?
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