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have a set of default bookmarks


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We should provide a set of default bookmarks in Fennec.  Reasons:
- so that the awesomebar is not an empty area
- so that people can find help and other useful sites by typing in the awesomebar, even after they've lost track of our introductory pages
- possibly so that people can get started with great sites for mobile users

If those are the reasons/goals (and there are possibly more of those!), then some candidate default bookmarks are:

- (maybe tag it with 'help' as well, for findability)
- FAQ  (tag this one with "help" also?)
- (re: weave)

(anything we put on the first run page)

Are there others? Perhaps of the "here are cool things for mobile people" variety?

- firefox geolocation page?
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> FYI, Support will be different URL (tbd). My guess:

> Not sure what going to from your phone does, unless its a mobile specific add-ons page (and recommends the top few by category). It's too bad that we ask people to review this page and then train them to search for those particular add-ons on their mobile. Perhaps add this bookmark when Collections "send to phone" capability works?

>Yes, I vote to keep FAQ

>The first page contains info and link to learn more/get Add-ons and Weave on the mobile (as well as .gif animation). We could consolidate the bookmarks and title this page differently?


My two cents.
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proposal, after talking with Caitlin:

1. Welcome to Firefox (first run with inclusion of "What's New)
2. Product Information 
3. Weave Setup
4. Mobile Add-ons for Firefox (do we need "for Firefox?)
5. Mobile Support for Firefox (do we need "for Firefox?)
This has an l10n impact, and needs clarification on its impact on packaging.
(In reply to comment #0)
> Are there others? Perhaps of the "here are cool things for mobile people"
> variety?

It would be great IMO to have this kind of a "Getting Started" page for Fennec. This would require localization and guidelines to follow, just like we have them for Firefox now.
Any updates on this?
We should get this bug resolved today, either FIXED or WONTFIX.

My hopes for our release schedule decline with each day that we're not string frozen.
Whiteboard: [fennec l10n]
ok.  spoke with Jay and Caitlin.  Here's the list:

Firefox: Welcome
Firefox: About
Firefox: Synchronize using Weave
Firefox: Customize with add-ons
Firefox: Support

None of the links have changed -- the bookmarks just have new names.
title: Firefox: Welcome
link: about:firstrun

title: Firefox: About
link: about:firefox

title: Firefox: Synchronize using Weave

title: Firefox: Customize with add-ons
link: to the mobile part of AMO -- what will this be?

title: Firefox: Support
link: -- plus something to point to mobile content

So, clearly some of these URLs need sorting out.
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Attached patch patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
-adds a BrowserStartup component to initialize the places DB when needed
-uses rather than, since the html importer is browser/-specific. format for localizers is the same, though.
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Attached patch patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
forgot a few tweaks
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More info:

the link for "Firefox: Synchronize using Weave" is

the link for "Firefox: Customize with add-ons" is

the link for "Firefox: Support" is
To be clear - those pages either don't exist or have non-final content at the moment.  Be not afraid - those are the URLs.
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I guess this means we'll hit some places init in our Ts, but I don't see a way around it.

Nice build-foo :)
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r=me, with a small nit that a few of the titles don't have the corresponding links in their titles, if you could add those, and perhaps a note that they're 404s for now.

We can remove that note once the site is up, with no l10n-impact.
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Verified with 20090910 1.9.2 nightly build on my n810
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