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Avoid bit twiddling on double values


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The attached patch performs DOUBLE_IS_INT and friends directly on floating point registers using compiler intrinsics to determine whether a number is nan or finite, instead of forcing it into memory and meddle with the bit representation.
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> static JSDHashNumber
> HashDouble(JSDHashTable *table, const void *key)
> {
>-    jsdouble d;
>-    d = *(jsdouble *)key;
>-    return JSDOUBLE_HI32(d) ^ JSDOUBLE_LO32(d);
>+    return JS_HASH_INT64(key);

Is JS_HASH_INT64 strict-aliasing safe?

>-#ifdef HPUX
>-                /*
>-                 * Negation of a zero doesn't produce a negative
>-                 * zero on HPUX. Perform the operation by bit
>-                 * twiddling.
>-                 */
>-                JSDOUBLE_HI32(d) ^= JSDOUBLE_HI32_SIGNBIT;
>                 d = -d;

There are three such old HPUX ifdefs:

$ grep HPUX *.cpp
jsnum.cpp:#ifdef HPUX
jsnum.cpp:             * here on HPUX. Force a negative zero instead.
jsops.cpp:#ifdef HPUX
jsops.cpp:                 * zero on HPUX. Perform the operation by bit
jsparse.cpp:#ifdef HPUX
jsparse.cpp:                 * zero on HPUX. Perform the operation by bit

Remove them all, or leave them all -- no 1/3rd measures :-P.

r=me with these addressed.

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void* should be exempt from alias analysis since its not a proper type. On top of that, HashDouble is called via a virtual dispatch. So if there is an alias problem here, its the double going into the void* pointer. Whether we convert the void* on the other side of the virtual call into a double* doesn't really matter. It would be too late (if this was a problem, which it isn't).

I will remove the other HPUX stuff too. Thanks.
After some additional discussion with jimb we decided to not rely on the virtual dispatch as knowledge boundary. I will add a proper union conversion.
Whiteboard: fixed-in-tracemonkey
Win32 tinderboxes break on the patch as-landed. Attached patch fixes them.
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fix windows breakage

OK, looks good, and anything to stop the fires.
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Flags: wanted1.9.2+
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