Open Bug 513826 Opened 11 years ago Updated 10 years ago

Perceived performance of progress bars


(Core :: XUL, defect)

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(Reporter: faaborg, Unassigned)


This bug is a follow up from a Firefox project on improving perceived performance:

There has been some research on how changing the rate of progress in a progress bar can relate to how long users feel an action is taking to complete.  This really gets to the heart of perceived performance vs. actual performance, and is interesting in that a user's perception of reality can sometimes be more important to the interface than actual reality (how long the bar literally took to progress).

This bug is about looking over the existing research on different approaches to changing the rate of progress in a progress bar, and potentially using one of them in XUL (so when a value is passed to a progress bar, it may not necessarily visually relate to that exact amount of progress).
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