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Replace images with text by language neutral images


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Some images in the getpersonas website include text and can be replaced by language neutral images either with a graphics symbol or by ovrlaying real localizable text on top of the image.

This bug tracks the work to be done on them.

Here is the list found by Stas and comments by Ryan in our email conversation:

> static/img/do-64.png
> static/img/donot-64.png

We could probably change these to international symbols for 'stop' and 'go/continue'. If we need to we could put the text next to the images too.

> static/img/tut_btn_download.gif
> static/img/tut_btn_getStarted.gif

The tutorial button images can be replaced with the site buttons, which use text on top of a background image.

> static/img/tut_footerImage.jpg
> static/img/tut_headerImage.jpg

If we get the original psds from Sean Martell we can create an image without text in it and overlay text on top.

> Depends on Personas l10n:
> static/img/tut_custom_1.jpg
> static/img/tut_custom_2.jpg

Yeah, unfortunately we will have to localize these images.
Pascal, do you think we should also create a RTL version of static/img/question-64.png ?
Yes, I think we should mirror the ? image
Moving bugs necessary for 3.6 to new milestone.
Target Milestone: --- → 2.0
Assignee: nobody → rdoherty
Pascal, do we have international images somewhere I can grab for the stop/go/continue images?
you should find many options with compatible licences in the various gnome themes (action folder):
Priority: -- → P1
r57192 adds language neutral images and removes the buttons with text in them.
r57217 moves images with text in the (screenshots) into locale/XX/images so localizers can provide their own localized screenshots. They just need to be the same size and name and the page will serve the localized screenshot.

AFAIK, this is all the images that needed updating, marking as fixed.
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Pascal, can you verify?  Thanks!
I don't see other images causing problems, marking verified
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