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9 years ago
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This URL:

should return all SVN changes for the past six months. But, no matter how I tweak the parameters, I can't persuade it to go back before 1st September. Is it broken, or am I doing something wrong?

I need this data because it's the alternative source for the information sought in bug 505331.

Note that the top of the page returned by the above URL says:

"Checkins on all branches between Mon Mar 2 16:00:00 2009 PST and Wed Sep 2 17:00:00 2009 PDT"

so it thinks that's what it's doing, it's just that it won't return any data from before a certain time. Oddly, it was September 1st yesterday, but it's 31st August today. As I write, the last checkin the above URL lists is 50564.

Having done some experimenting, it seems like the limit is around 1000 file changes. It's possible to get data from before that by changing the maxdate, so I guess I could batch it...

However, the RSS feed seems fixed at a limit of 20 entries :-( I guess I can get around that by creating my own using


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9 years ago
Here's why:
# Limit the number of rows returned by a given query to this number.
row_limit = 1000

This is set for performance reasons, so raising it much could bury viewvc.
OK. I've worked around it by doing repeated date-based GETs.

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