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Server side image maps are broken


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Windows XP



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status1.9.2 --- beta1-fixed


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When you hover with the mouse over a server side image map you can see the x and y appended to the current URL. This works normally in Fx3.5. However it is totally broken in FxTrunk.

Instead of just appending just one coordinate to the current URL, FxTrunk appends extremely many coordinates.

An example (I hovered on the server side image map on the page corresponding to the URL in the URL field in this bug report):,1948066&zoom=3500&ingetscript=&klickposition=?456,19?454,40?449,61?443,83?439,93?432,113?427,132?422,149?421,168?418,185?418,200?418,216?418,230?418,237?418,240?418,245?418,249?418,253?418,258?417,261?417,264?416,267?416,270?414,271?412,272?411,275?409,275?409,276?407,277?407,278?406,278?406,279?405,279?404,279?404,278?405,275?405,271?405,265?406,257?406,251?406,224?406,200?405,176?403,152?403,129?400,104?400,80?396,56?395,35?394,27?392,5?420,5?410,15?401,25?394,32?389,42?385,50?383,58?382,59?382,61?382,64?382,67?382,70?382,72?382,74?382,76?382,79?382,81?382,83?382,84?382,86?382,89?382,92?382,95?382,97?382,100?382,103?382,106?382,108?382,111?382,114?382,118?382,123?382,127?382,131?382,136?382,142?382,144?382,149?382,154?382,158?382,163?382,167?381,171?380,177?380,183?380,189?380,192?380,198?381,202?381,208?381,211?383,216?385,221?386,225?387,229?388,233?388,236?389,241?390,245?390,248?390,252?390,255?390,258?390,257?391,254?392,253?394,249?395,244?396,238?397,233?398,227?399,221?399,215?400,211?400,207?400,205?400,201?399,198?396,194?394,190?392,188?388,184?383,180?379,178?373,176?368,175?365,174?360,173?354,173?348,173?342,173?336,173?330,174?322,175?307,178?292,180?279,184?271,184?256,188?241,192?228,194?216,197?207,197?197,198?193,198?188,201?184,201?180,203?177,203?174,204?170,205?167,206?163,207?160,208?156,208?152,208?150,208?147,208?144,208?142,208?139,208?135,208?131,208?127,208?123,208?120,208?113,208?109,208?105,208?102,208?100,207?98,207?95,207?91,206?89,205?88,205?86,205?85,204?84,202?83,201?83,198?84,195?85,191?87,187?90,182?94,175?101,163?108,152?116,137?124,123?131,109?141,92?152,80?162,70?172,59?186,46?192,42?203,33?211,23?219,16?227,8?235,2?284,1?293,14?302,32?312,50?323,72?331,93?337,113?339,127?340,135?340,151?340,165?340,179?340,186?337,191?331,201?325,212?317,220?310,228?306,233?296,241?287,250?279,258?275,262?272,265?269,268?266,271?265,273?263,275?262,276?262,277?261,279?260,280?260,281?260,282?261,283?370,442?370,441?370,440?370,436?370,432?370,426?370,419?373,406?373,387?373,377?373,354?373,342?373,318?373,294?373,270?372,247?371,224?371,202?369,178?367,154?361,135?360,126?355,109?349,92?343,79?343,68?342,58?341,48?342,38?342,34?342,30?342,29?342,25?343,22?343,20?343,18?344,16?344,14?345,13?346,11?347,10?348,9?348,8?349,7?350,6?350,5?352,4?353,4?354,4?355,4?356,4?357,4?360,4?363,4?365,4?366,4?368,4?369,3?370,2?370,0?289,0?289,6?289,13?289,19?289,24?289,29?289,35?288,39?288,43?288,45?287,49?287,52?286,55?285,57?284,60?283,62?282,65?281,66?280,68?279,69?278,71?278,72?277,74?277,75?276,76?276,78?275,80?275,82?275,84?275,86?275,87?275,89?276,91?278,93?280,96?283,98?287,101?291,104?298,111?307,117?478,6?478,10?478,14?478,16?479,18?479,19?479,20?479,21?479,22?480,22?480,23?480,24?481,27?482,30?483,32?484,35?484,37?485,40?485,43?485,46?485,48?485,50?485,51?486,56?486,57?487,59?487,60?487,61?487,62?487,63?488,63?488,62?489,62?490,63

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open the URL in the URL field of this bug report
2. Hover over the map in the page
3. Behold in the status bar of Fx that very very many coordinates are being added to the current page's URL.
Actual Results:  
Many coordinates added to current page's URL.

Expected Results:  
One pair of x and y added to current page's URL.
Version: unspecified → Trunk
I am able to reproduce the described behavior on Windows Vista, latest trunk.
I think this needs a testcase etc.
Component: General → DOM
Keywords: qawanted, regression
QA Contact: general → general
(In reply to comment #1)
> I am able to reproduce the described behavior on Windows Vista, latest trunk.
> I think this needs a testcase etc.

So if you can reproduce the bug, doesn't this bug deserve the NEW status?
Usually we leave it in that state until a testcase is attached.

(In reply to comment #2)
> (In reply to comment #1)
> > I am able to reproduce the described behavior on Windows Vista, latest trunk.
> > I think this needs a testcase etc.
> So if you can reproduce the bug, doesn't this bug deserve the NEW status?
This is a test case, as minimal as can be, just hover the map and look in the status bar to see the wrong url created.
I don't find Namaroka builds anywhere... or I don't know where to look. Is this a bug in 3.6 branch or is it just Trunk?

Please set to NEW.
Could you try to find the regression range using nightly builds?
And yes, the behavior has certainly changed since FF3.5.

Regression range would be *very* useful.
Ever confirmed: true
Flags: blocking1.9.2?
Smaug, could you investigate this?
Assignee: nobody → Olli.Pettay
Flags: blocking1.9.2? → blocking1.9.2+
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.9.2
Blocks: 481335
Attached patch simple patchSplinter Review
This is probably the simplest patch (and should keep the old behavior).

See also the following link where the URI gets modified,1483-1486#1467
Attachment #402320 - Flags: review?(bzbarsky)
...I didn't want to change the behavior for 1.9.2.
Attachment #402320 - Flags: review?(bzbarsky) → review+
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simple patch

Oh, yes.  How I wish URIs were immutable and the mutators created new URI objects...  :(
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 519592
Issue is resolved - clearing old keywords - qa-wanted clean-up
Keywords: qawanted
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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