I get options with .vcard and .vcal extensions that recognize them ('operator'), but no way to send those to thunderbird -- only OUTLOOK!!!!




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I have tools in tbird to handle .vcards,  Apparently I have a .vcal tool that only works in Ffx, -- but I also have the Mozilla labs "OPerator" extension that recognizes embedded .vcard files.  Additionally if I download a .vcal or .vcard file the only option I have is to send it to OUTlook or google -- but NOT my T-bird-w/sunbird integrated.


FF should give me the option to send my .vcal and .vcard events to T-bird.

This is a major BUG -- FF and TB should work together -- FF shouldn't be redirecting address and calendar events (that tbird/w sunbird handles) to other apps by default and it CERTAINLY should at least ALLOW me to send those cards/events to TBIRD.

WAY bogus -- talk about different projects being on different pages.

I cam currently only at Tbird 2.0.22(?)  

I'm really getting frustrated with the extension incompatibilities across FF, Tbird, and Ubiquity...I can't upgrade anything without some extension breaking.

Even something as **BASIC** as color management (which should be built-in), BTW, to each of the apps, not require an extension, is now incompatible with all of the apps.  Something needs to be done to integrate the apps (TB/FF/SUNBIRD...(even songbird?)) better...I'd like my extensions to work across the platforms, so things like 'autocopy', will work the same on all, or script control will work on all -- now my *french* dictionary is disabled in Tbird...?!  What's that about... a dictionary is now incompatible?

Anyway...off track....
At least FF should be able to send the .vcards /.vcal files to T-bird and it should be able to receive them (and be settable as the system handlers for those types).

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joe, ... any experience with this?
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> joe, ... any experience with this?

In my very limited email interaction with folks using Outlook, nobody uses vcards
But IMO anything that would ease moving from Outlook to Thunderbird would be of
great benefit.
Migration of mail itself is buggy and full of problems.
xref bug 558653
L A Walsh,
What extension are you referring to?

Rereading this, I don't see that it has anything to do with outlook, probably should be removed from summary
Reporter, are you still seeing this issue with Firefox 4.0.1 or later in safe mode or a fresh profile? If not, please close. These links can help you in your testing.
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No reply, INCOMPLETE. Please retest with Firefox 4 or later and a new profile (http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Managing+profiles). Also, ensure you have the most up to date graphics drivers, operating system updates, and plugin versions (flash, java, etc). If you continue to see this issue with the newest Firefox and a new profile, then please comment on this bug.
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