Use crash date instead of submission date for resubmitting pending crashes




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9 years ago
10 months ago


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9 years ago
Right now when you re-submit a crash we show up the submission date as the crash date but not the date when the crash really happened.

Let me blockquote Ted's comment on bug 378528:

Hm. That's a fair point. We currently just use the file creation time from the
file we save in the submitted directory. Once we've submitted the file we don't
save the CrashTime, so we don't currently have a way to do that. I guess we
could change the file's ctime or mtime or whatever when we submit via
about:crashes, so that it matches the crash time. A new bug would be a good
place to deal with that, though, so yes.
See Also: → bug 512479


2 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 1211003

Comment 2

10 months ago
This comment describes the problem well:

Bug 1211003
(In reply to Kostas from comment #0)

> Currently in about:crashes (and in about:support|Submitted Crash Reports)
> the report entries only have a "Date Submitted".
> You can't see WHEN this crash occurred.
> As I've noticed, there are two kinds of crashes:
> those where the "'Crash Reporter" appears (in this case the report is
> automatically submitted),
> and those which occur in "the background" (i.e. no "Crash "Reporter") which
> are not automatically submitted (you have to manually click their entry in
> about:crashes, for it to be submitted)
> In both cases, you can only see the "Date Submitted" info for an entry, 
> i.e. when a report was submitted, but NOT when the crash occurred.
> The only way to know when it occurred, is to click the report entry, go to
> 'metadata' tab, copy the "CrashTime" unix timestamp, and convert it to
> readable date/time (1).
> I'd suggest that the "Crash Date" info should also be shown for the entries
> (in both about:crashes and about:support|Submitted Crash Reports).
> I believe that this would help make about:crashes much easier to check up
> on, especially in conjunction with bug 512479.
> (1) Example report:
> fbdb12151002
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