PRI (650-903-0800/963-88xx) is down


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8 years ago
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(Whiteboard: tpac #987423)

Incoming calls to 650-903-0800 get either a fast busy or a recording from Telepacific.  No indications of problems from our end; PRI is up, we don't get any incoming call notification.

650-963-8800, which comes in on the same line, gets a ring-no-answer.

a) why's it down

b) we're paying for a failover to VoIP when it is down, why isn't it failing over?
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opened ticket #987423 with Telepacific.

they're activating a manual forward immediately to our SIP failover (should be effective within 10 minutes) and will be calling me back as soon as they figure out what's going on with the PRI.

They'll investigate why the automatic failover didn't work as well.
Whiteboard: tpac #987423
forward is in place finally, they typoed it the first time (I called back and complained that it still wasn't working).  They are seeing errors on the line, so they're going to take it down and run some tests.
OK, everything seems to be up and running.  He's not sure what was wrong with it, but he took it down for testing, everything tested clean, and when he brought it back up, everything was working.  So maybe it just needed a reset or something.
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8 years ago
What about the auto-failover?
They said the auto-failover didn't work because all of the monitoring said the connection was up (our monitoring said it was, too).  It just didn't work when they actually tried to put a call through.  Whatever the line was doing was apparently similar to what happens when we say a phone number isn't active, or something (which also causes that recording).
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