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Socorro - dailyURL cron job off by 24 hours


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The daily URL dumping script seems to dump data for a period 24 hours earlier than the period requested.

running with the --day=2009-09-13 option, I find that it gives urls for the date 2009-09-12 instead.

If run without the 'day' option, 'day' defaults to now(), which still ends up 24 hours off.

The fix is very simple, rather than using interval day:day-1, the interval day+1:day should be used.

This happens because a date '2009-09-13' is interpreted by the database as the first minute of that day. '2009-09-13 02:00:00' > '2009-09-13', so to create an interval that includes all the times within a day, the interval has to be day+1:day.

The question is now for the consumers of this data. After the correction of this bug, we'll need to provide you with an additional day of urls to shift you forward by 24hrs.
yeah, I'd be up for this change.  

simple script that do stat analysis and counting of crashes end up looking funny in the current situation.

164 total crashes for NPFFAddOn.dll on 20090818-crashdata.csv
115 total crashes for NPFFAddOn.dll on 20090819-crashdata.csv
156 total crashes for NPFFAddOn.dll on 20090820-crashdata.csv
118 total crashes for NPFFAddOn.dll on 20090821-crashdata.csv

ends up having "20090818" mean "from the data file that was created on the 18th, but the crashes actually happened on the 17th"  which is a bit conplicated if you don't know the conventions/process we are using to create the files.
Target Milestone: --- → 1.2
it looks like this has been fixed.

when I looked at these file names and the "processed time"  of the last entries of the file I see stuff like this now, meaning that the fix went in on oct 8

20091004-crashdata.csv 200910032359 0 0
20091005-crashdata.csv 200910042359 0 0
20091006-crashdata.csv 200910052359 0 0
20091007-crashdata.csv 200910062359 0 0

20091008-crashdata.csv 200910082349 0 0
20091009-crashdata.csv 200910092349 0 0
20091010-crashdata.csv 200910102349 0 0
I hadn't actually called for deployment of this change yet, but I guess I don't have to.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: Socorro → General
Product: Webtools → Socorro
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