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Rationalize autosync logging


(MailNews Core :: Networking: IMAP, defect)

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The autosync code is complex, and hard to debug. It doesn't help that the current logging is #ifdef-driven, making it impossible for users to turn on logging.  Furthermore, the logging messages, when enabled, are quite hard to understand.

A phase 1 improvement would be to use PR_LOG instead of #ifdef'ed printfs.

A phase 2 would be to review the code to make sure that the logging statements are as helpful as possible.

It might be nice to do phase 1 in time for TB3 to help troubleshoot problems in the wild.
glad you filed the bug. yes! I could use autosync logging this very moment.
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3?
NSPR_LOG_MODULES=ImapAutoSync:5 will give you autosync logging in tomorrow's build.

In bug 517256, I've cleaned up the logging a little bit, and added some logging of interesting events (like when it actually tries to download message bodies :-) ) and when syncing has been paused/resumed.  I've also got rid of 0 length (i.e., deleted) messages from the queue and hence the log, and no select folders. But a lot more cleanup is still needed.
Blocks: tb-logging
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