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Enable for SeaMonkey locales


(SeaMonkey :: Build Config, defect)

Not set


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Actually, doesn't seem to be enabled which doesn't allow us to add extra files.

Example :

extra file mail_help_newsblogs_help.xhtml isn't in the last nightlies.
I hope I can look into this before the next RC, but I current can't guarantee it, there's quite a long list of work I have to do and this weekend including Monday will mostly be real life (RC2 should be built next week).

If some else, like Adrian, could look into that in the mean time, it would be very much appreciated.
oops, using the IRC nick triggered the wrong Adrian K. :P
I'd really like to help here, but unfortunately I have no idea of how the build system works, so no idea how to fix this.
Robert: the only reference to '' I could find was in calendars code:

It looks like we should add at the end of this file:
the following lines:

# Extra l10n files for documentation and such
#includesubst @LOCALE_SRCDIR@/

Now the question is, if that alone will make it work...
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Here's Adrian's proposal in actual patch form. I tested it and it works, but will break fr right now as the files weren't actually added to the repository.

Still, as the patch works and I tested it and it looks good but was Adrian's work and not actually mine, I can review and approve it. I'll also do the checkin in a moment.
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Pushed as

Adrian, thanks for finding this!
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