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Add SHOWFOR support for Firefox 3.6


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Modify scripts/showfor/config.php.dist to include support for Firefox 3.6.
Does this bug just make sure the current "3.5" support includes/sniffs for UAs with 3.6 too? If so, it's all good and you can ignore the rest of my comment for now. :) 

If this means adding support for 3.6 as a _separate_ version from 3.5 (and thus supporting 3.0, 3.5, and 3.6 at the same time), we need to discuss it.

Based on what I've heard from Beltzner, 3.6 will be considered a "minor update", meaning that all 3.5 users will get the update as if it were a 3.5.x release. This means that we probably don't need separate support for both 3.5 and 3.6.

However, the actual _label_ in the UI could show "3.5/3.6" during the time between the first betas and the major update push to avoid confusion from 3.6 beta users. After the major push to 3.6, the label should be renamed to simply "3.6".

Also, the SHOWFOR wiki syntax code used in articles should probably be changed from "browser=firefox3.5" to "browser=firefox3.6" along with a script to update all articles to use that instead, but that doesn't have to happen right now in any case.
We can make 3.6 an alias for 3.5 and update the label to say "3.5/3.6". Then none of the old articles will have to change, as all the other 3.5 aliases will continue to point to the same place.

The JS detects "Firefox/#.#" in the UA and uses that number, ignoring any additional version numbers, or falls through to the default, which is 3.5.
Alternatively, I suppose, we could make 3.5 an alias for 3.6, but that's very internal and essentially identical to users.
Alias for 3.6 pointing to 3.5 is an option to renaming 3.5 to 3.6 and script updating all articles that sounds like a fine approach to me. Chris, any thoughts?

In comment 3, I suppose you mean s/users/contributors/ as users would just see the label "3.5/3.6" right?
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> In comment 3, I suppose you mean s/users/contributors/ as users would just see
> the label "3.5/3.6" right?

It would really function identically. If "firefox3.6" is an alias to "firefox3.5" or vice versa, it really only affects which is an array key and which an array value.

It might make more sense to use "firefox3.6" as the internal name than having it be "firefox3.5" with "3.6" as a visible label. But the only people who'd ever notice are the ones reading the showfor config file.
Oh, I don't have an opinion about the internals re: array keys and array values here; we may have misunderstood each other. :)

All I want to verify is that users see "3.5/3.6" and contributors know whether to use 3.5, 3.6 or both (and understand that both really produce the same result). 

However, now that I think some more about this, one potential problem of having aliases (i.e. supporting both browser=firefox3.5 and browser=firefox3.6 and pointing them both to the same filtering logic and "3.5/3.6" label) is that contributors may think that they are different and try to code things differently for 3.5 vs 3.6, when in reality both snippets of code will be shown for both versions. Of course, this is mostly just a matter of making sure KB editors know how to use this.
Yeah, leave the implementation details to me. :) My questions are:

1) Should 3.5 and 3.6 point to the same content?
2) If so, what should the label for that content be? (eg: "3.5/3.6" and eventually "3.6")
(In reply to comment #7)
> 1) Should 3.5 and 3.6 point to the same content?

Seeing as the number of changes between 3.5 and 3.6 is small and that this will be a minor update (i.e. as if this were 3.5.x, I believe it should. We may have to treat 3.7 differently though, if the list of changes is bigger. 

> 2) If so, what should the label for that content be? (eg: "3.5/3.6" and
> eventually "3.6")

That's right. "3.5/3.6" for now, and, once the auto-update push to 3.6 for the majority of users, just "3.6".
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This adds support for 3.6 per the changes in comment 8.

These are now all equivalent arguments to {SHOWFOR(browser=?)}: "firefox3.5", "firefox3.6", "fx3.5", "fx3.6", "ff3.5", "ff3.6", "3.5", "3.6", as well as "firefox3.1", "fx3.1", "ff3.1", and "3.1", which were already pointing to 3.5.

The new label in the actions box is "3.5/3.6".

// Here are the internal changes:
The canonical name changes from "firefox3.5" to "firefox3.6" and the former is now an alias for the latter. This means that in the status bar, astute users will see "showfor('firefox3.6');" instead of "showfor('firefox3.5');", but that is the only change anyone might notice.
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patch, v1

This works as expected.
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Look at both the "Show Customized Content For:" section (where it says 3.5/3.6), and also Firefox's statusbar, where--as James mentions--it's simply "javascript:showfor('firefox3.6')"
r53539 (prod)
And, oh, the important thing to mention is that I tricked out my 3.5 build using "general.useragent.override" with a value of Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090824 Firefox/3.6
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