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On it's taking 3-5 seconds for many new personas to fully load on Namoroka (Fx3.6).  Anything more than a second is pretty bad -- a few times it's been so slow that I wondered if the persona was broken or if something else was wrong.
Hmm, personas load in a second or two for me on cable. How fast is your internet connection?

Bug 519851 should increase performance overall, but that's a month or so out. If this is a recent change we will look into it, otherwise we'll wontfix.
Personas has always been pretty slow as webapps go, but I'm seeing the same sort of thing on DSL here (6/0.6Mbps).

I'm inclined to wontfix anyway, as the entire personas infrastructure is about to get replaced.
If IT can verify nothing has changed recently that would make performance worse, we can close this bug.
Ah, if it's all getting replaced anyhow, then yeah WONTFIX this.  Thanks :)
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