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nsStyleAnimation::Interpolate/Add/ComputeDistance need to not spam warnings for eStyleUnit_None


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So after bug 520325, nsStyleAnimation::Interpolate/Add/ComputeDistance will quietly fail (as expected) when given e.g. "none" and a color value.  They silently fail because GetCommonUnit returns eStyleUnit_Null (because the units don't match), which drops us into the silent-failure case.

However, if Interpolate/Add/ComputeDistance receive two "none" values, then their units *do* match, and GetCommonUnit will return eStyleUnit_None -- *not* eStyleUnit_Null -- and we'll drop into the "default" case and spam a NS_NOTREACHED like this:
###!!! ASSERTION: Can't interpolate using the given common unit: 'Not Reached', file /mozilla/layout/style/nsStyleAnimation.cpp, line 323
Our is still correct, but we shouldn't be spamming assertions-failures.

Patch coming up.
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> Our is still correct, but we shouldn't be spamming assertions-failures.

Sorry -- I meant "Our _behavior_ is still correct"
Attached patch fix (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch just makes eStyleUnit_None share the same case as eStyleUnit_Null.  (We'll need to do the same for a newly-created "eStyleUnit_Enum" unit when we add support for enumerated values in bug 520486)

Alternately, we could get rid of the eStyleUnit_Null case, let it fall through to "default", and remove the NOTREACHED from the default block.  But I think I prefer the patch as-is... It feels safer to have the expected cases explicitly enumerated, with the "default" case that spams an error message to warn us if we forget to add a case for a new unit-type later on.
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Attached patch mochitest patchSplinter Review
This patch adds some mochitests that pass "none"/"none" into Interpolate, Add, and ComputeDistance.  These tests spam NOTREACHED assertions like the one in Comment 0 without the fix, but they're nice & quiet with the fix.
Assignee: nobody → dholbert
Attached patch rebased fixSplinter Review
Here's the fix again, rebased to apply on top of bug 522852 and bug 523193.  (It's just a 2-line fix.)
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rebased fix


Sorry, should have reviewed this sooner so you didn't have to rebase it.
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No worries -- thanks for the review!
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