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Killable process doesn't detect shutdown of Firefox


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While running my software update tests it happened again that I was not able to further run Mozmill tests because the shutdown of Firefox was not detected. As I have discussed it with Mikeal a couple of times before this issue happens if you don't shut down your box for a couple of days and the process id starts by zero again.

This bug hit me already a couple of times and always required me to restart the box which is very annoying. Mikel, it would be really great when we can get this fixed.
We have a choice here, either we live with this edge case in the default command line, or we kill every running Firefox every time we kill mozmill.

I think we can implement a --strong-kill option that will kill all running Firefox instances for use in continuous integration but I don't think we can change the default command line.
Can you please point me to the line of code where you call the Firefox process?
Mikeal pushed an update to his master which could have been fixed this problem. It will take some time for me to verify the fix. As what I can see it happens on and off when running too many mozmill tests in the terminal. Restarting the terminal application fixes that too but I loose all my open tabs. :(
Mikeal, we need one more fix for this feature. Right now I get an exception when the timeout value is accessed before the initial assignment. You have one pull request in your queue:
Not seen for a long, long time. Lets close as WFM.
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