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input[type=file] has a file even if empty


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A file input control contains one file, even if none have been chosen. Presumably this was to clear the textbox of the control, but it's unnecessary. It also results in:
* (javascript) target.files.length = 1
* an empty file being sent over HTTP (although IE and Webkit also do this)
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proposed fix

>+  void ClearFileNames() {
>+    nsAutoTArray<nsString, 0> fileNames;
>+    SetFileNames(fileNames);
>+  }

Simply use |nsTArray<nsString> fileNames| instead.

And can you add DEBUG-only code to SetFileNames that asserts that none of the file names is an empty string.

Also, can you add a testcase as well? Like modify test_bug523771.html to test that input.files.length == 0 before any files are filled, and after .value is set to "".
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Landed on trunk. Thanks for the patch!
Closed: 10 years ago
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Branch-patch also containing fix for bug 524421
Assignee: geoff → jonas
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Branch patch

Oops, wrong bug
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Is this needed/wanted on 1.9.2?
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Oh, crap, yes! I thought it already had landed there
Flags: wanted1.9.2? → wanted1.9.2+
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Nevermind, this is fixed on 1.9.2. I think I included it in the initial landing of the multiple feature there.
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So I'll just set the status flag to final-fixed. This will help verify that this was indeed fixed on 1.9.2.
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mass remove verifyme requests greater than 4 months old
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