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Elements with fixed, nonzero percent-positioned or percent-sized backgrounds are not invalidated on window resize


(Core :: Layout: Block and Inline, defect)

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(Reporter: Waldo, Unassigned)


As noted in bug 509329 comment 19 and in attachment 409217 [details] [diff] [review], we don't properly invalidate the backgrounds of elements on window resize when those backgrounds are not propagated to the canvas (i.e. by it not being the case that the background is on <body> and <html> has a transparent background), have fixed attachment, and have either non-zero percent positioning or a size that contains percentages (explicitly or implicitly through contain/cover).  We handle such backgrounds if propagated to the canvas, but we do so through a hack in nsCanvasFrame that, as it stands now, can't be generalized.

There are some very very brief thoughts on fixing this in bug 509329 comment 21.  I'm very unlikely to get to it in time for 3.6, so if someone wants it before then they should take it.  Otherwise I'll try to get this after 3.6 is out or so.

The bug assignee is inactive on Bugzilla, so the assignee is being reset.

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