Installing SeaMonkey 2.0 directly over 1.x will result in a non-working installation.



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10 years ago
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #525488 +++

Can we do something with removed-files? Components dumped by extensions into the application/components/ directory are definitely a problem. For the default 1.1 location we could just delete everything in that location but we would have to be careful with dictionaries and search plugins. We could probably get away with not deleting the dictionaries/, plugins/, and searchplugins/ directories.

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10 years ago
Of course, when installing over 1.x, we also could require the 1.x uninstaller to be run before we install into the same directory.
It looks like bug 519357 will (help to) fix this from Core :-)
Depends on: compdir-lockdown

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10 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)
> It looks like bug 519357 will (help to) fix this from Core :-)

Well, it won't go into 1.9.1, and what we want here is something that helps us with SeaMonkey 2.0.1 installing over 1.x
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> it won't go into 1.9.1

Won't it ? It's flagged as wanted+needed...

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10 years ago
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> (In reply to comment #3)
> > it won't go into 1.9.1
> Won't it ? It's flagged as wanted+needed...

Interesting, I wouldn't think it's good to land such a major change in how things work on a stability/security branch. But it's not my decision, of course.

In any case, that one only covers some part of the problem. For one thing, it's bad to leave our app directory cluttered, and I'm pretty sure that we don't remove some files that even a standard 1.1.x without extensions has installed - for the other, there might be other files than those components giving us headaches as well.
I tried a bit around and noticed something interesting (but can probably be explained ;): After installing 2.0 on top of 1.1.18 it does not launch, after deleting all obsolete components in the components/ directory and the .autoreg file in the program folder it still does not launch. After launching another clean SeaMonkey 2.0 installation, the 2.0 installation in the 1.1.18 folder does launch fine.

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10 years ago
Try deleting the *.mfl files in the 2.0 profile as well (I think you need to delete only the XPC.mfl but lets be through)

If this works then I think all that needs to be done in the installer is to empty the components/ directory during the initial stages of installation. Why empty instead of checking for a list of removed-files?

In 1.x extensions need to put their components in the application components directory but not in 2.0 and we don't migrate extensions anyway so we need to clear a lot of cruft out.

Other directories to consider clearing out.
defaults/ obsolete prefs left behind by 1.x extensions

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10 years ago
mcsmurf, do you have the cycles to work on this bug?

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9 years ago
Let's be realistic and admit that we'll not work on this any more. Please reopen if you are actually working on solving this.
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