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Add about:crashes to the Troubleshooting Information page


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Under 'Help->Troubleshooting Information' I feel it would be helpful to add to the 'Application basics' area at the top of the page a URL / link to: about:crashes 

This would help support personnel in assisting end users to troubleshoot their issues with Firefox.
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Bug 367596 comment 74 isn't that clear with adding "about:crashes" link on trunk or not. anyways, here's a patch that works for me.
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As I understand it, bug 367596 comment 74 clearly says that this isn't wanted.

Feel free to re-request review once the ui-review is done.
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Duplicate of this bug: 580116
ui-review was requested 2 years ago. I have no idea if the patch is out of date. Is there someone else that can review it?

With regards to whether or not about:crashes is wanted in about:support...
I was the one who originally requested about:support, and the intent was to provide an easy way for users to provide info about their setup to support volunteers. If someone is experiencing crashes, "What are your latest crash IDs" is a common question from support volunteers, so I think this fits right in to about:support.

Right now, we ask for that info by telling the user to go to about:crashes, so this bug helps provide a UI path (Help > Troubleshooting Information > about:crashes). It's not really urgent for Firefox support.

The way I came across this bug is actually because of Thunderbird support, where the user doesn't have a location bar to type about:crashes. Right now, we can have them set the Mail Start Page to about:crashes, but I think this is definitely needed for Thunderbird.
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>"What are your latest crash IDs" is a common question from support volunteers, >so I think this fits right in to about:support.

perhaps add some of the recent crashes to "copy all to clipboard" to streamline this transfer of information?
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Technical, but no less so than super arcane details of the user's graphics drivers.  Also requested by support.
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Updated the Patch for Review since the TS Page lives in Toolkit now.
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XtC4UaLL, if you want this to be committed with your real name, please update the user info in the patch accordingly. Thanks!
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Done. Thanks Dão ;-)
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