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splitted mochitests oranges are hard (too small) click targets


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i'm used to qick check the status of the tree using the summarized graphic in the lower-right corner.
to star oranges i'm comfortable to click on the orange rectangle, rather than having to search which one it is in the pushlog.

Unfortunatly from the mochitests split the click area is really small, and you have to be a Counter Strike champion to click it.

Would it be possible to enlarge horizontally the lower-right graphic? or provide small squares rather than rectangles, stashed like this.
they will be less tall but larger and easier to click.
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What do you think of this layout? It's currently on .
the first bug i notice is that it's causing the page to scroll vertically and lacks simmetry, but that should be fixable.

From a personal point of view, being this just a sum up of the contents above i appreciate more a graphical rapresentation, i find it less distracting and exactly useful for its purpose (find the real failure in the page above), it's also easier (for me at least) to find orange rects between green rects then colored letters...
Imo the only defect of the current rects representation is just the some of them are too small, not lack of information.
I echo the second paragraph of comment 3.

Maybe some sort of funky lightbox-style expanding display of a box that has lots of runs represented in it or something would work better?  Just throwing out an idea...
ugh, now with splitted Everythingelse this issue is even worst.
maybe instead of using tds you could use small square divs and let them flow naturally in columns and rows.
Attached image current situation
just to document current situation, actually results are not even separated, and pushing out of the table
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(In reply to comment #6)
> maybe instead of using tds you could use small square divs and let them flow
> naturally in columns and rows.

This was a great suggestion and is roughly what I did.

I also made failed runs double the size, because those are the ones that you will want to click. The whole thing looks a little strange now, but it's better than before.
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