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nsDOMFileReader::OnStopRequest can return |rv| without ever initializing it


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status1.9.2 --- beta4-fixed


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This warning on bsmedberg's warning tracker:
>  content/base/src/nsDOMFileReader.cpp:457: 'rv' may be used uninitialized in this function
[  ]
points out that "rv" in nsDOMFileReader::OnStopRequest can be returned without ever having been initialized.

Code snippet:
 457   nsresult rv;
 458   switch (mDataFormat) {
 459     case FILE_AS_BINARY:
 460       break; //Already accumulated mResult
 461     case FILE_AS_TEXT:
 462       rv = GetAsText(mCharset, mFileData, mDataLen, mResult);
 463       break;
 477   return rv;

In the FILE_AS_BINARY case, we leave rv unset -- and we later return it.  That's bad.

This affects both mozilla-central and mozilla-1.9.2.
I have no idea what this code does, but based on the "//Already accumulated mResult" comment, it sounds like we should just be setting rv = NS_OK there.

Jonas, is that correct?
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This is technically a better fix. If something goes wrong when converting the read data we now dispatch an error event.
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Patch to fix

This fixes a minor bug and aligns us with the spec, I think we should land this for 1.9.2 while we still can.
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