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form field and page loading out of sync?


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This may not be a bug but rather an annoyance...
When a page with form fields loads and I click on a form field then start typing, after a while the later segment of what I was typing ends up in another form field instead (wrong form field).  

this bug is duplicable on all windows systems and all previous versions of mozilla/firefox I have used (I don't have access to apple or linux computers to test it out but I suspect it to be the same)
one easy way to duplicate the bug is to try logging into an e-mail like yahoo, gmail, etc.  When you type in your user name and then click on the password form field and start typing in your password it will be broken into two segments, the initial segment ends up in the password form field correctly but the later segment ends up incorrectly in the user name form field following the user name you had already typed in.  The bug can be avoided by simply being patient and wait a while after the page displays before trying to enter information into the form fields.  I am impatient and usually clicks on the form fields once I can see them and starts typing away.  

The following is speculation:
I believe the page may be displaying before it is done loading and that when the page is done loading it automatically resets the cursor in the first form field.  One solution is to not display the webpage till the page is completely done loading(but sacrifices speed).  Or if it is possible, remove the feature that automatically sets the cursor in the first form field or create a feature the disables that function(hopefully this can  be done in the web browsers setting or about:config and will not require each individual web page to modify their coding).  
I guess this is one of the few cases where the user input is faster than the browser/computer.  

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. load a web page that has for fields
2. start filling in the form fields (requires switching to next form field by clicking or tabing)
Actual Results:  
if there is more than one form field, what you typed will be chopped with the latter section misplaced in the first form field instead of the correct form field you started to type in.  

Expected Results:  
not move the cursor to the first form field without user permission/request.  
not chop what the user was typing.  
the later part of what the user was typing should not end up in the wrong form field.  

when typing passwords into a hashed field if the later part ends up in the wrong field it is displayed for anyone looking over your shoulder to guess what the whole password was.
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