PTO app should sync to Zimbra (free/busy) calendar



9 years ago
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(Reporter: Bret Reckard, Unassigned, NeedInfo)


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9 years ago
It'd be awesome if the PTO app would kick off a meeting invite to my Zimbra calendar so people can easily find my free/busy without making a separate visit to the PTO list page.  

Work flow:
1) Bret uses PTO app to schedule time off
2) Bret click's Submit
3) Email notifications are sent
4) Karen's alerted to PTO
5) Bret's Zimbra calendar is blocked off for the days he's gone

This would go a long way towards consolidating free/busy across the org and make scheduling meetings/calls/everything easier.

Thoughts folks?


9 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 533778


9 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 533777

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9 years ago
OMG, already 2-duplicates.  Must be good bug :)

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9 years ago
I think this might be a webdev thing.
Assignee: server-ops → nobody
Component: Server Operations: Web Content Push → Webdev
QA Contact: mrz → webdev

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9 years ago
So, I don't think I was clear.  I want the PTO app to make a meeting request for the person who's requesting PTO to attend their vacation.

I'm not sure if we can make zimbra auto-accept that invitation or not.

Either way the days would be at least somewhat blocked off.

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8 years ago
Hey Morgamic, any thoughts on picking this up again?  It would be a big help for we few that need to schedule a lot of meetings.

Group: infra
Component: Webdev → PTO
Product: → Webtools
QA Contact: webdev → pto
Assignee: nobody → kourge
Should be possible to at least send an ICS request.

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8 years ago
Hey Mike, I know you guys are swamped with release stuff, but is it possible to add this bug to one of your dev planning lists :)?

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7 years ago
I've got $5 and a burrito for the first person to fix this :)

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7 years ago
Now the PTO app in place, I there is a little bit of an update to this.  When a person goes to put in a request for PTO, it should send a calendar invite for the person to block out the full day as being on PTO.
It could also send the same calendar invite to the people who are CCed anyway. I like putting my team's PTO on my calendar (as "free" time of course) so I can see when people are out.

One problem will be half-days since the app does not know where to place the 4 hours in the work day. Perhaps it just needs to add a "busy" for the day and call it "PTO (half-day)" or so.

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7 years ago
Perhaps we can update the PTO app to add a PTO for morning or afternoon (for half-day).


7 years ago
Assignee: kourge → nobody
I'll add add an additional $5 and a beer to go with Bret's promised burrito. I don't know that it needs to send the cal invite to everyone CCed, but definitely to the person filling out the time.

Comment 14

7 years ago
For those keeping track at home. The bounty on this bug fix is getting pretty tasty.

$10 USD = $5/Bret + $5/Socol
1 Burrito/Bret
1 Beer/Socol
(In reply to Bret Reckard from comment #14)
> For those keeping track at home. The bounty on this bug fix is getting
> pretty tasty.
> Bounty:
> $10 USD = $5/Bret + $5/Socol
> 1 Burrito/Bret
> 1 Beer/Socol

I'll match that. so that's $20, 2 beers and 2 burritos.
Another alternative approach would be to have a subscribable iCal link for each user (http. Everyone can include that link in their zimbra calendar and automatically have their PTO included in their free/busy time. Additionally, individuals can subscribe to the calendars of people they work closely with.

It seems like we're close to this, if I go to I get a PTOs.ics file that I can download, post to a server and subscribe to. For some reason subscribing directly to that link doesn't work though.
(Bret and James might have revoked their bounty when they stopped working at Moz though ;) )

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5 years ago
Hey all -  I would like to put some renewed attention on this.  This would be very helpful for recruiting and I am sure many other parts of the org to make this happen.  What do I need to do to get this rolling?
We should do this in Google calendar most likely. But let's hold off for a final decision on the move to GMail.
Priority: -- → P2
Hi Laura, any update on this? It would also be awesome to be able to subscribe to people's PTO calendars.
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