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get rid of separate *-Unittest trees since they cause confusion


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We should merge the *-Unittest trees back into the other trees.  (That is, the machines that report to Firefox-Unittest should go back to reporting to Firefox, and likewise for other branches and projects.)

The original rationale for splitting it out was that nobody was using the tinderbox UI anymore, so all that mattered was tinderboxpushlog.  This has proven to be false quite a number of times, and has caused important orange to be ignored (including almost leading us to shipping a major leak in Firefox 3.5.6).

Having all the machines on one tree makes that tinderbox page bigger, but it means people won't miss orange that they should be seeing.  People who still use the tinderbox page will have an unwieldy, but complete, page, which is better than one that is artificially small because it is incomplete.

I raised this in:
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Markus, does anything need to happen to TBPL to support this?
Blocks: 534843
Yes, I've filed bug 534843 for that.
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Make unittests report to same tree as builds

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Scraping set on Firefox3.5/3.6 and Places tree. Someone already got Firefox. TraceMonkey needs to build before we can set it there.
Scraping set on most of the builders on TraceMonkey, still need to get the debug testers once the mozconfig is fixed (bug 524176 comment #3).
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