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readme patch

the convert.main() thing should probably be replaced w/ a single script that does the right magic.  but this is a stop-gap.


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readme patch

>Index: README
>@@ -21,10 +21,16 @@
>   convert existing XML data to the DB:
>   # have checked out at ../autoconfig_data
>   # if autoconfig_data is somewhere else, you can set the env't var AUTOCONFIG_DATA to  point to it
>-  echo 'import convert' | python shell
>+  python shell
>+  >>> import convert
>+  >>> convert.main()

We could replace this with 
echo "import convert;convert.main()" | python shell
if we want to keep the 1-line-itude of it.

(Oh, and they both need the "--settings=local_settings", I believe.)

> Step 3:
>+   (for local dev:
>+     python runserver --settings=local_settings)
>    python runserver

So, non-local-dev will need a whole new settings file, and a different way of running it, and probably won't want to import our autoconfig data, which is why I'm thinking we might want two files.  README and DEVELOPERS, or INSTALL and README, or something like that.  Then the developer's guide could go into detail about virtualenv and pip, and the deployer's guide could go into detail about how to get runserver listening on non- ip addresses.

Also, using:
python test --settings=local_settings
to run the tests should probably be documented somewhere in there.

> then hit localhost:8000

This looks a lot like local-dev to me.  ;)

Having said all of that, none of those suggestions make your patch unacceptable, or not an improvement on the current state, so with the nits fixed, it gets an r+ from me.

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