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[shipping] add platforms to shipping for json output


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The json output for shipping that brings together changesets and platforms to ship on needs to get better platform support.

Right now, all we do is hard-code ja/ja-JP-mac, but with maemo and multi-locale builds, we need more of that.
I did a bit of a hack in bug 609265. That doesn't touch ja/ja-JP-mac yet, though.
Component: Infrastructure → Elmo
Product: Mozilla Localizations → Webtools
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Summary: [dashboard][shipping] add platforms to shipping for json output → [shipping] add platforms to shipping for json output
Version: unspecified → 1.0
What is the platform data? (can you show me in terms of life/ and what is the JSON view? I'm eager to help but need a push in the right direction.
milestone.JSONChangesets (and status.ShippedLocales) output on which platforms we ship a particular locale.

That's not modeled at all at this point, which is what this bug is about.

I'd see that mapping actually being in shipping rather than in life, too.
We haven't figured out how to codify the platforms in a future-safe manner, resolving INCOMPLETE.
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