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ES5: { get x(v) { } } and { set x(v, v2) { } } should be syntax errors


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Duplicate of this bug: 554616
Whiteboard: [good first bug]
Depends on: 581744
Ugh, function parsing is a disaster right now, no way this should have been [good first bug].  Patches coming up to do this...
Whiteboard: [good first bug]
It's hard to understand possible syntactic transformations when you have to worry about effects on half a dozen apparently-non-extraneous variables.
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...following up on bug 581744.
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Making one Swiss army knife function parse names doesn't make sense when different callers have different naming requirements -- better for them to compute the name themselves and pass it in.
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Parser::functionDef is monstrously huge, 400+ lines before any of these patches.  Splitting it up a bit (here by moving argument parsing out of the main function), done with even a slight amount of discernment, can only help readability.
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I was hoping to make more cleanups here, and to eventually move argument parsing into the callers, but the number of enclosing-scope variables required to parse arguments is pretty large, and boxing up a struct of them is just ugly.  There must be a better way to do this that doesn't involve everything intermingled like here, but I'm not sure it's an incremental step away, as the previous patches have been.  I lack the energy and time to do anything more than an incremental step, so this is where the cleanup stops and the special-casing begins -- on to other bugs with this done, now.

I haven't run through tests other than js tests to see whether any others need updates for this change -- some probably do, but those changes aren't the interesting part of this patch, from the JS engine point of view.
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Nice work, Waldo!

Could maybe use the split-out functionArguments parser from jsfun.cpp:Function, but then we'd accept destructuring formals. An allowed extension? Language lawyer needed, ES5 Chapter 16, also Chapter 15 intro, has revisions to tighten rules.

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3: Move function name parsing to callers

Yup, pushing name parsing into the callers makes more sense.
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5: Actually check the number of arguments to parse

Please add tests for functions with duplicate formals. Other than that, looks great.
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