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Building localized Sunbird l10n nightly builds fail since 02-Dec-2009


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There are no current localized Sunbird l10n nightly builds available at <>. The most recent builds are dated 02-Dec-2009.

Logfiles of today show the following error message for all platforms:

> make[1]: Leaving directory `/e/buildbot/comm-1.9.1-sunbird-win32-l10n-full/
> build/comm-1.9.1/calendar/sunbird/branding/nightly/locales'
> make[1]: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
> make: *** [libs-fy-NL] Error 2
Last successful build: Sunbird WINNT 5.2 comm-1.9.1 sunbird l10n 
                       Started 2009/12/02 13:29, finished 2009/12/02 13:35

First failing build:   Sunbird WINNT 5.2 comm-1.9.1 sunbird l10n 
                       Started 2009/12/03 10:18, finished 2009/12/03 10:47
Checkins during regression range:

Seems to be regressed by the checkin for Bug 532656 too. First it showed the same error message as in Bug 533070. With the fox from Bug 533070 the en-Us nightly builds were restored but the l10n packaging still fails.
Blocks: 532656
Severity: critical → blocker
Flags: blocking-calendar1.0+
Mark, you worked on both Bug 532656 and Bug 533070. Maybe you have some ideas what might be wrong?
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I've not tested this, though I have just thrown it at try server to make sure it doesn't break en-US.

From looking at the logs, the issue is that when doing the locale repacks, the code is expecting to build the locale related branding files from $MOZ_BRANDING_DIRECTORY/locales not $MOZ_BRANDING_DIRECTORY which is where they currently need to be built from.

I expect this was as a result of me telling Fallen to remove the sub-directory makefiles.

Now I realise this is the problem, I think its probably going to be better if locale repacks don't create calendar.jar and AB-CD.jar and so having the locales generated in locales sub-directory (as happens on Thunderbird) is a good idea.

So this basically just moves the AB-CD.jar part of the into the locales/ sub-directory for both branding directories, and changes the support build config structure to match it.

I'll take the first review that comes along ;-)
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Untested Patch

From looking at the code, this seems fine. Given the size of my review queue I'll leave the testing to you though :-)
I'm fairly sure this will work, so I've pushed it to comm-1.9.1 and we'll see what effect it has on the builds.

If it works, then I'll push it to comm-central as well.
I backed out yesterday due to en-US build bustage:

I've now re-landed it after having made the following changes:

- other-licenses/branding/sunbird/locales/ added (previously forgot to hg add it).
- the locales/ files now reference the correct files (e.g. en-US/brand.dtd versus incorrect locales/en-US/brand.dtd).

Hopefully this will work (I'll abort today's linux nightly and re-start it).
(In reply to comment #6)
> I've now re-landed it after having made the following changes:

This has stuck and there's now Linux builds appearing in:

Mac and Windows builds will probably start appearing tomorrow.

Leaving open for now as this still needs landing on trunk.
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