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Add a nsIAboutModule flag to hide about: pages from about:about


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about:about (aboutAbout.xhtml) uses a hardcoded blacklist for "about" pages which aren't useful to show because they require query strings ("blank", "blocked", "cache-entry", "certerror", "feeds", "neterror").

bz suggested to add a new nsIAboutModule flag instead.
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I added the flag HIDE_FROM_ABOUTABOUT to nsIAboutModule.idl and the respective protocol handlers.

But how do I access this flag from script?
Error: Components.classes[';1'] is undefined
Source file: about:about
Line: 21

I experimented a bit with nsNetCID.h and nsNetModule.cpp, but the build fails with this error:
m:/trunk/netwerk/build/nsNetModule.cpp(1033) : error C2065: 'nsIAboutModuleConst
ructor' : undeclared identifier

That's not really surprising, but I don't know how to continue from here.
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I don't think you need the nsNetCID/nsNetModule changes.

Once you've added the flags, I think this should work in the js:

  if (result) {
    var aboutType = result[1];
    var contract = ";1?what=" + aboutType;
    try {
      var am = Components.classes[contract]
      var uri = newURI("about:"+aboutType);
      var flags = am.getURIFlags(uri);
      if (!(flags & 
            Components.interfaces.nsIAboutModule.HIDE_FROM_ABOUTABOUT)) {
    } catch (e) {
      // getService might have thrown if the component doesn't actually
      // implement nsIAboutModule

where "newURI" is whatever the current best way of doing that in JS is (using NetUtil or manually via ioservice or whatever).
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Thanks for your help, Boris!
I don't think using NetUtil.jsm to call newURI provides much benefit here, apart from making the second and third argument optional.
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Looks good.  Thanks for doing this!
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Please add nsIAboutModule::HIDE_FROM_ABOUTABOUT to "licence" (with a 'c') so that both "license" and "licence" aren't displayed. This will fix bug 538926.
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