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({relnote, verified1.9.2})

relnote, verified1.9.2
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Bug 533481 made it so workers use separate debugger hooks so we don't call into jsd.  Bug 519719 made it so that we disable the jit on contexts that don't have the runtime's debug hooks.  Result: no jit in workers.
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Not a release blocker, but we'll relnote it for sure and take it if we do a RC2 or otherwise in 3.6.1, so let's get the fix together.
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That looks like it should do the trick, yes.  Want testing or reviews or anything?

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9 years ago
Yes, a test is needed for this.

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Nobody can think of a good way to test this. Let's get it in, I guess. :-P
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Add a js_OnTrace friend API, add a method to DOMWindowUtils that gets called in a loop to check that JITting happens?  Hackish, but adequate.
So this didn't make to rc2 after all?

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Is there an easy way for QA to verify this for 1.9.2 and Trunk?
You could run some script with loops in a worker and see how jitstats are affected (or not) in a debug build....  Or just measure the performance of that script with jit on and off and see whether there's an effect.

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9 years ago
my addon that uses worker threads runs over 2x faster in 3.6.2 than 3.6 (non-debug), so I can only assume they're being jited.
Verified! :)
I agree at this point.
Keywords: verified1.9.2
so I guess there were other things that could have sped up workers in 3.6.2, but yeah, trying with jit on/off on the same build has the same speedup.
Hi harthur,

Just out of curiosity, which addon is it?, the thing that uses web workers is the 'website analyzer'.

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9 years ago

The issue still exist in the current release 3.6.10. Javascript engine can't capture the user change efficiently. 

Only version 3.5.9 firefox is running fine but all above versions have the same issue.


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9 years ago
Here is the case:

If user remove the character or characters from text field and then enter character and save them (repeat quickly several time), it won't capture the last change.

Zafar, that sounds completely unrelated to this bug.  Please file a separate bug on your problem.
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