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Printing websites with multiple divs cause ill printing issues


(Toolkit :: Printing, defect)

1.9.1 Branch
Windows XP
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(Whiteboard: [3.6rc1])


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For some sites on windows with heavy div tables, printing them causes very poor formating and layouts.   This seems to happen on both 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 branches.   Alternately, printing on Mac seems to format just fine.

1) goto 1.9.1 or 1.9.2 build on Windows
2) open
3) Print preview, or Print the entire front page
4) Verify div alignment is incorrect, extra white pages are printed, and ads are misplaced.

- printing of the div tables align correctly as expected a printed page would look.
Whiteboard: [3.6rc1]
adding tchung since he filed the bug.
Does this affect trunk? If so, the branch field should be Trunk, not 1.9.1.
I see a few blank pages and content is missing in Print Preview (Nightly Linux).
A small standalone testcase would be nice.
Keywords: testcase-wanted
Attached file Test
Issue is still reproducible in the latest version of Firefox (44.0.2). The same printing works absolutely fine in other browsers like Google Chrome. 

I tried on:

Name 	Firefox
Version 	44.0.2
Build ID 	20160210153822
Update Channel 	release
User Agent 	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:44.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/44.0

Please find attached the reduced test case. ~7500 lines of HTML code from has been reduced to ~140 lines of code. It can be further reduced by about 50-60 lines if you try to duplicate the problem using "LANDSCAPE" orientation in print preview/printing. But I have left 10 list items (li html tag) deliberately so that problem can be reproduced in both "PORTRAIT" and "LANDSCAPE" orientations. If you delete 9 of the 10 list items at the bottom in the attached html file, the problem can still be seen in landscape but not in portrait printing.
Keywords: testcase-wanted
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