Stroking with CoreGraphics appears to be slower than it needs to be




9 years ago
7 years ago


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1.9.2 Branch
Mac OS X

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9 years ago
There are profiles where we spend 13% in cairo_stroke but only 5.6% in CGContextStrokePath.

Humph can perhaps come up with a demo that shows this.
Corban/Al have some code we use to visualize fft audio data that does heavy line drawing.  Maybe they can do a version that doesn't rely on the audio patch and people can test?  CC'ing them.
I'm having a hard time reproducing exactly as we saw the other day, but we did throw together some tests of stroke and path code, see:

Most of what I'm seeing with these is time in CoreGraphics (sometimes as high as ~45% total), but I'll keep trying to give you a test that shows what we saw.
See also this test where we get killed doing only stroke vs. chrome:
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> See also this test where we get killed doing only stroke vs. chrome:

That should probably be a different bug, not sure if it's the same as this -- that benchmark doesn't create a path, so it's essentially benchmarking pure js, xpconnect, and cairo_stroke() with-no-path overhead.  Useful thing to fix for sure, but not sure if it's the same issue.

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8 years ago
I don't think any of that is an issue. I changed the example so that it only does two things during the animation: context.clearRect() and context.drawImage(). I still get choppy animation. You can try it at

With Minefield, something is awry: the images leave considerable residue on the canvas as they animate. I don't see that problem with FF4.

I will send Boris a profile of the new example.

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> Same happens with fill(), closePath() etc:
> Supporting Vlad's suggestion.

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8 years ago
Sorry, please disregard the previous comment. It was meant for another thread.
Duplicate of this bug: 631211

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7 years ago
This is much better now that bug 692879 has landed. There's still room for improvement here though. We spend a bunch of time in CGColorCreate that Safari doesn't. We also do more CGContextSave and CGContextRestore than Safari does.
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