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reordering markers while editing custom google maps broken


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I originally described this in bug 517737 comment 20:
> Another set of Google Maps steps that regressed on the same day, but don't seem
> to be fixed by the pair of patches above:
>  (1) while logged in to google, create a map using the "My Maps" - "Create a
> Map" feature in
>  (2) create at least 2 placemarks in that map
>  (3) while editing, drag the placemarks up and down to reorder them
> The dragging of placemarks while editing a map broke in the same regression
> range, but isn't fixed by attachment 420271 [details] [diff] [review] plus attachment 420273 [details] [diff] [review].
While following the above STR I came across bug 540491. So you may need to create the custom map in another build before hand to see this bug.
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86 → All
The problem is that google maps is calling setCapture on a display: none element. I checked in IE and calling setCapture on a display: none element does work there.
(In reply to comment #2)
> The problem is that google maps is calling setCapture on a display: none
> element. I checked in IE and calling setCapture on a display: none element does
> work there.

I don't think real mouse events can target elements without frames. Similar to bug 540491, we only capturing to work while the mouse is pressed to prevent abuse, so if setCapture is being called outside of a mousedown, it won't have any effect.
I think setCapture is being called from a mousedown, just that the element that the mousedown is on is different from the one that gets setCapture called on it.
Is this same bug?
When you are creating "My Map" on Google Maps and when you select "Add a placemark" the icon stays there even if you're moving mouse?
Here is a screenshot:
I think that is bug 540491.
Depends on: 540491
Hi, I'm making the fix in Google Maps for bug 540491. Checking all the setCapture uses fixes this bug too, I'm hoping the fix will be live within a week.
FF 4.0, XP pro sp3, fully patched.
I have been using a custom map with FF 3.x for a long time, no problem.  Now, if I try to edit and add a marker, the marker is placed under the icon.  If I scroll the map to show it, then try to grab it with the mouse to place it correctly, it leaps out of the way - just like a spoof game or an annoying virus (except as far as I know the machine is clean).  It works properly under IE8 (garlic!).  The uncontrolled scrolling also occurs: this requires the mouse to reach the top edge of the map, and then there is no way to stop it.  The only way then is to close the tab, no other escape.  If I do not try to reach the marker, but grab the map with L-mouse-down, the cursor disappears right of the left-most edge of the edit icons (and then stays invisible), the marker still jumps, but now I get a pop-up box "Click to place me on the map", which will not go away.  In fact, if I now say "Done", the cursor stays invisible, the marker still jumps if I get close to it (by trial and error).
Hoping the fix is forthcoming.  I shall not be updating my other machines until.
(In reply to comment #11)
@Dr Darvell, that is bug 540491.  The fix should be live in Google Maps by the end of the week if all goes well.
OK, thanks - look forward to it.
Chip, is this one fixed as well?
Seems to be OK for me.
Thanks all.
Yes Neil. And thanks for all your analysis on these, which was spot on. I should have given you kudos in my comments on the other bug.
OK thanks for the fix!
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